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2687 Palmer Street, Suite B
Missoula, MT  59808
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Polson, MT  59860
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Special Call for Hospice Volunteers 

Special Call for Hospice Volunteers

Recruiting Volunteers

Hospice Volunteers come from all walks of humanity. Some love to read to others, some like to make tea, some like to look at pictures of wildlife, some like to talk, and some like to listen. We welcome all who have a passion for caring for others.




Veteran Volunteers

Some Hospice patients are Veterans who once served their country. These people have a special appreciation for Veteran Volunteers. Common interests; personal private discussions; that bond with another who has a shared experience... these are priceless gifts to a Veteran Hospice patient.











Recruiting Pet Ambassadors

Do you have the sweetest, most gentle, loving pet, one that longs to give and receive love? We bet your very own furry friend has enough love to share with others. Training class is coming soon!

See Pet Bios


How can I become a Hospice Volunteer?

If you have a passion for caring for others, you should consider becoming a Hospice Volunteer in Missoula, the Bitterroot, or Polson. Please contact Val Piercy, Volunteer Coordinator at (406) 327-3657, or email PiercyV@partnersinhomecare.org

Volunteer Application - Mail
Volunteer Application - Online